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XML Compare Online Demo

Unlike simple diff applications, XML Compare works within the structure of your files to distinguish real change. This demo offers a glimpse into how DeltaXML solutions can be used within enterprise processes to achieve reliable and powerful comparisons. Get started by viewing our sample data or have a go at comparing your own XML files.

XML Compare Online Demo

Tailored Comparison

XML has been adapted for a variety of uses, none more than in the publishing and authoring world. Although XML Compare can be used with all types of XML we have produced specific solutions for DITA and DocBook, allowing you to focus on what has changed rather than how to find it.

Have Your Own XML Format?

No matter the structure of your XML, XML Compare works with any XML content. Speak with one of our comparison experts to implement our software into your projects or processes.

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How XML Compare Works


XML Compare identifies all of the differences in your content according to your specific configuration. Then writes them to an output file which combines your original content with new markup detailing the changes.

Using the flexible APIs you cannot only embed this functionality in your own processes and systems but configure the comparison result to show in any form you wish. Ideal for both automated processing and human review.

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Compare Your Own XML Files

Compare .xml files up to 400KB each in size*

Have a look at how XML Compare works by comparing your own XML files. The demo offers limited functionality but allows you to view the output of a comparison, and by applying XSLT you can view the comparisons side by side and as an inline report.

*By uploading your own files you agree to our Terms & Conditions. After you leave our site, data will be securely deleted from our systems.


File size ( KB) exceeds the 400 KB restrcition.