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Experiment with XML Compare

DeltaXML's XML Comparison toolkit is used by enterprises worldwide. To showcase the functionality found in XML Compare, you can see a sample comparison with the changes marked-up in three ways: side-by-side, inline report and raw delta. Tailored sample comparisons are also available if you are using specific XML markup such as DITA and DocBook with an added PDF view.

If you've seen enough of what XML Compare can do or just want to try comparing your own XML files, upload two XML files smaller than 400kb and watch XML Compare intelligently identify all the differences. Similar to the sample comparisons, the changes will be returned to you in the three views mentioned above. The best part? It's 100% accurate.

Tailored Comparison

Tell us what type of XML you work with, and we'll show you a comparison you'll understand!

Try your own XML

Upload and compare your own XML files. The file size limit is 400kb per file and only files with the .xml suffix are allowed. By uploading your own files you agree to our Terms & Conditions. After you leave our site, data will be securely deleted from our systems.

File size ( KB) exceeds the 400 KB restrcition.

The Power Behind XML Compare


Unlike line by line comparisons, XML Compare works within the structure of your files to distinguish real change.

It identifies all of the differences in your content according to your specific configuration. Then writes them to an output file which combines your original content with new markup detailing the changes.

Using the flexible APIs you cannot only embed this functionality in your own processes and systems but configure the comparison result to show in any form you wish. Ideal for both automated processing and human review.

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